Scientists from Fera and Newcastle University discussed current research in the context of recent national and global challenges; sharing knowledge and innovation to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas. There were opportunities to examine how we can respond to demands in sustainable agriculture and food production, with consideration to recent government Bills in the agri-food-environment and the National Food Strategy. Keynote speakers have been confirmed for sessions in food, farming, environment and chemicals; with specific reference to the challenges of 2021 and beyond.

The event will be opened by David Kennedy (Defra DG Food, Farming and Biosecurity) and features guest speakers Richard Bramley (Farmer Scientist Network) David Hill (The Environment Bank) Sue Davies (Which?), Guy Pengelley (Milltrust), Dave Bench (Crop Protection Association) and will be closed with a keynote address and student prizes awarded by Prof Gideon Henderson.

To see the summary of the event and the programme, visit: Join the digital Fera Science Ltd & IAFRI 2020 Science Symposium